Equine Psychotherapy 

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Mood and attachment

      Our facility is completely run by family and is dedicated to helping. As a licenced professional clinical counselor, I provide the therapeutic skills necessary to assist clients in determining treatment goals through animal assisted therapy, and each client receives a unique treatment program tailored around their specific mental health or physical therapy needs.change lives for both our clients and the animals that partner with us to share their unique skill set and understanding of universal body language.  Currently we are focusing our therapy towards anxiety disorders including PTSD and attachment disorder symptomology including issues surrounding mood dysregulation and management. Some insurances are accepted and county referrals sometimes  have funds available for providing services. We are committed to bettering individual lives so if you have a mental health disorder and feel animal assisted therapy would help you, contact us and we will make every attempt to meet your needs. If you wish to donate to help meet the needs of an individual who is in need of services or if you would like to donate to help defray costs associated with care of our animal partners please either press the donation button or contact us. 


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Generalized anxiety disorder

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Most anxiety based work is done on the ground 

     Client's learn to understand body language through learning how to communicate with their equine partner without spoken directives.  Horses are excellent at reading and understanding body language. As the client and equine partner work together over time, clients are able to  internalize effective anxiety reduction strategies by learning from the horses body language when they are not relaxing and how to actively change their anxiety response. In addition the partnership between individuals rebuilds trust, thereby reducing hypervigilence and over stimulus of the autonomic nervous system which increases life expectancy and reduces health related side effects from over activation of the fight or flight response. 
     All of the equine partners used in our therapy program are either half arabian or purebred arabian horses and have been chosen because the breed is especially sensitive to emotional nuances, making them excellent portrayers of client projection. Each horse used in the program is sensitive ,intelligent and eager to become a trusted partner. Arabian horses are the epitome of equine beauty and grace, combined with their sensitivity and intelligence they are a superior choice for therapeutic interventions on the ground.