Equine Psychotherapy 
Riding Lessons

Adrianna instructs private and group riding lessons for basic horsemanship. 

Private lessons: $20 per hour 

Group lessons:  rate of $15 per hour
                             2 students: $30 per hour
                             3 students: $45 per hour
                             4 students: $60 per hour

 Group lessons never exceed 4 students

Weekend Trail Rides

Trail rides can be arranged for groups of 2 to 4 people at this time. The size of future groups will be determined by the progress of horses currently in training as up and coming trail horses. 

Dress code

For your safety all riders must wear long pants, that cover the ankles.  

Riders must wear helmets. We have a supply for those who need to borrow. 

Boots must have a heel of 1/2 inch for those who will be riding. 

We recommend that long hair is pinned back or tied in a low pony tail. Keep in mind that the helmet will need to fit comfortably over any hairstyle.